Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Productive Day!

So yesterday was a strangly productive day. Other than keeping the kiddos busy playing and mopping the floors twice, I managed to make Aleena a dress and matching headband for Birch Aquarium today. I also got busy on making some "pinterest" things for my classroom.

Here are the kids matching outfits for Birch Aquarium

Aleena's Pillowcase Dress and matching headband.

Jameson's shorts I made.

So I found some cute polka dot labels on pinterest and I was recently given a small laminator, so I decided to make some labels for the classroom so I can be organized starting off the new year! I had a little helper in my production line of making these and he was very proud to be helping mommy with my classroom stuff!!

I also got the idea to make a favorite memory jar and the kids can add memories all year long and then we'll read them during the last week of school.

I'm getting very excited for 4th grade and am glad I can be doing some of these projects at home. Well I'm off to finish getting ready for Birch Aquarium. Will post pictures later of my kiddos in their matching outfits!


  1. Love the outfits you made for your kids, so cute. I have always wished I could sew. Of course I knew I wasn't to gifted in this area when I sewed all four sides of the pocket together on the shorts we made in home ec in high school. I found you through the currently link up. I would follow your site but can't find the follow button. Welcome to blogging and come check out my site sometime.


    1. Hey there, thanks for visiting my site, my follow button is way at the bottom on the right. I hope you find it, I'm heading over to your site to check it out! :)