Thursday, August 16, 2012

New students..almost ready!

Wow, school is officially here. We kicked off our first day back yesterday with a half day staff meeting. It was nice to see everyone and hear about all the exciting things all my colleagues did over summer. Then we had the rest of the afternoon for ourselves to work in the classroom. I got a lot done with my team members, Miss. Cochran and Miss. Altieri! They are amazing. Since this is my first year in 4th grade, they have been very accepting of me and are being good sports about all my question asking!

Today we had a district wide training with our common grade level about the common core standards. The subject was Math and it was very helpful to me being new to the grade! We spent half the day at the training collaborating and learning ways to teach different strategies to our students. The rest of the afternoon our team went back to our school and planned the whole first week of school! I feel so accomplished!

Tonight from 4-5 our school was open for it's 3rd annual posting party. The class lists were posted on the walls outside our school and then the parents and students had the opportunity to come in a meet the teachers and check out their classroom.  I had about 10 students and families come in and visit. It was great meeting new faces and seeing some familiar faces of these 4th graders that I had as kindergartners a few years back! :) I also enjoyed seeing about 10 of my previous students stopping by to say hi!

Tomorrow is a whole day of prep for me. No meetings! Woo Hoo! I am going to get my last minute things organized and get names on name tags and get ready for Monday morning.

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