Thursday, August 30, 2012

Professional Development School

Today was full of collaboration and motivation. The school I work at is a professional development school and other districts come to our school for training in the Essential Elements of Instruction (EEI). I joined a cohort with some colleges from my school where we are re-visiting the EEI strategies and  have become the go to teachers for the visitors that come to our school. Today we had high school teachers from other districts near by to learn the EEI strategies. I had a half day sub and we got to join the training presented by my principal. Today's focus was active participation. We had the opportunity to go into classrooms at our school to see how our teachers us those EEI strategies. It's great to get into other teachers rooms. It was a nice learning experience and I am very proud to work along with some highly talented staff! Part of the cohort training I'm involved in will allow for the outside visitors to come into my classroom to observe lessons and how to implement the different EEI strategies. I love that even though I'm not in college anymore, there is always room for expanding my learning as a teacher.

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