Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Still here!!

I'm still here!! I've been super busy with school and my personal life! I don't even know where to begin. I come on every night to see if any of my blogger friends have any great ideas (which they do of course), but just haven't had the time to post.

Here is what i've been up to:

School Life:
I'm on the observation cycle this year, and my principal asked me to do a favor. She needed to teach the admin cadre of principals the evaluation cycle. So she asked me if they could come in my room and observe a lesson. I taught a new lesson to my class. We had just learned how to use a open number line to solve an addition problem in a teacher teacher training. I was super nervous leading up to the lesson. Once I started teaching it was like no one was in the room but me and my kids. I had about 6-7 administrators from our district even the assistant superintendent of instructional services. The lesson went great. I was pleased and got a great review from my principal! And a formal observation done and over with!!

Math Talks are happening at our school. I saw a co-worker with a poster of rules that I adapted to my class. Thanks Jalayne!!

Pictures to come soon from my lesson and the math talk! I need to take pictures of them.

Personal Life:
We are in full swing of soccer season. Jameson has been playing great! (To the best of his ability as a 4 1/2 year old)

I've made a personal goal to lose some weight. I started a diet and have lost 4 lbs in about a 1 1/2 weeks!

The weather is finally starting to cool down, thank goodness! We had a really hot September! A few days it reached to 100! Ouch! The kids are having fun playing at home and being goof balls!

My baby brother proposed to his girlfriend. They went to Yosemite and went on a hike and he proposed to her on the top of a cliff near a waterfall! Eeeee I'm so happy for them!!

Oh yeah FOOTBALL is ON in our house. We (my son and I) are CHARGER fans and Daddy and our daughter are RAIDER fans! Go Chargers!!! Mostly Aleena wears Charger stuff because that's what I put her in...hehe. I made the Jameson's shorts and Aleena's Charger dress in the second picture.

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