Thursday, December 20, 2012

Cherry Blossoms, Elf yourself and Christmas

Oh my so much I've been wanting to post, but I have been super busy with school, the holidays, birthdays and more!!

First and for most my heart goes out to those in CT. I plan on making some snowflakes and sending them to CT for the children when they return in January. There is an article out there from the huffingtonpost explaining more about this project. See link below!

Okay fun stuff that's been happening in room 29!

We are working on summary writing and one of the articles my class read was about Cherry Trees and the festival Japan has in April. Here is what I sent home with my kids today. A little bit of writing and a fun art project.

We have an art program at our school where a parent docent teaches an art lesson to the students. This month for December the kids had the chance to "Elf yourself." These turned out really cute and some of the drawings really look like my students. Fun and cute!!!


Christmas Break is finally here. Tomorrow the 21st is our last day, so I have a gift ready for my students and they are ready to participate in their book gift exchange!

Some other things happening...My baby boy is 5!! We celebrated his 5th birthday (Dec. 9th) at Disneyland. It was his first trip! He also just lost his first tooth tonight! Man what a great and exciting month for my little guy!!



  1. Hello! I am your newest follower and also a 4th grade teacher!


  2. Hi Heather!! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    I love that I am not the only one with a loud dishwasher & I have to warn you about Hobby Lobby!!! You need to go in there VERY prepared! Either have a LOT of money or none at all...there is not middle ground in that craft bit of heaven!! haha

    Do you live in AZ? I know that Hobby Lobby is only in a few states and it would be nice to connect to another AZ'an..haha

    Have a great week & thanks again for following my blog!!

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    1. I actually live in San Diego. Close enough to AZ ;)

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