Saturday, December 1, 2012

December Currently...Favorite month!!

Wow my favorite month is finally here. We are ready for Christmas to come. House is decorated and all. We got everything ready last weekend after Thanksgiving. Boy am I glad we did. Yesterday I stayed home from work along with hubby and son. We all had the stomach flu. We slept most of the day away. I still sent my daughter to daycare so we could rest. She was fine until this morning when she was basically a couch potato on me for the first two hours she was awake. She has been sick most of the day today. Luckily we are all on the mend now so we can have a good rest of the weekend.

December is a busy month for us. Hubby, son and myself all have December birthdays, but not just us, my dad and older brother are also December babies. My son is turning 5 on the 9th and we have a Disneyland trip planned for him and a friend. He knows we are going, but not that a friend can go. I have already arranged it with his friend, she is a close friend of mine, so it works out easy. This will be Jameson's first trip to Disneyland! I love Disneyland and Christmas so this is the perfect time to go. I am so excited!!

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  1. Disneyland is so magical this time of year. Your son will be in heaven. My son's birthday is this month too. Time to get the party planning ideas turning. Enjoy all your special events this month.
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  2. We are spending Christmas in Orlando this year. We always "go home" for Christmas so this will be very different. I'll bet you are going to have a blast! Good luck finding Pandy. I know how important that can be.

  3. I love December too! My birthday is at the beginning of January so December makes me excited for my birthday too! Disneyland sounds so fun. I have never been to anything Disney, so enjoy it!

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  4. Oh and I'm a new follower! I love finding new fellow 4th grade teachers!

  5. I teach fourth grade too and am a new follower! I love December- it is a very exciting month!

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