Saturday, March 2, 2013

March Currently

So it's March already?? I LOVE it! March means a few things to me.
  • Baseball starts (my son's playing t-ball for the first time).
  • Report cards are done!!! YES!!
  • Spring is almost here!
  • Time to plan a 2nd birthday party for Little Miss Aleena!
  • Spring break is 3 weeks away!

Listening- kids are watching TV before bed time and Jake and the Neverland Pirate was the winner.
Loving- I am so excited Jameson was eager to play baseball, it was one of my favorite sports growing up. Also we have had no yard for the past 6+ months, things are finally coming around and I was able to plant some pretty flowers and grass is in the near future!!
Thinking- Report cards are done! Good bye trimester two!!
Wanting- Been saying this for awhile now...need new clothes...Spring clothes!
Needing- Little girl will be 2 in April and I need to get started on planning the "Minnie" party!
Like-Hats...they are fun. Love-happiness that surrounds me. Hate-homework whether I'm doing it or correcting it! Haha!
Here is the little man playing some ball...Go Red Sox's!!