Tuesday, October 1, 2013

October Currently

   So here it is October, a new month, and I have not posted since my last currently. Life is SO busy right now. Here is a little bit of my life in a few sentences. My brother is getting married October 11th! Both of my kids are in the wedding. I am on way too many committees at work! My son is playing soccer. It's October...one of the biggest fundraisers at school is coming up...Halloween Carnival. Ummm COMMON CORE! Anyone else overwhelmed with Common Core? I am!! We are fundraising for our 4th grade team to spend the night on the Star of India. Our first fundraiser is currently going on. I can't wait until November...hopefully things will slow down. yea right...parent teacher conferences are in November. Oh well. Sorry to vent! I am linking up with Farley with October's currently. 

Listening: Hubby and I like to play candy crush. It's kind of a sick addiction!

Loving:  I went to Michael's this weekend and made a new fall decoration. I love it! I will share a picture at the end of the post. 

Thinking: The next two weeks are packed full of wedding stuff for my brother, common core training's  soccer games and practices, and field trips to the pumpkin patch!

Wanting: My brother's wedding to be here. My baby brother is getting married. I couldn't be more happy for him and his future wife, Tiffany!!

Needing: A vacation...no reason needed! LOL

Trick or Treat: Treat!! OK. I went to Michael's this weekend and they had a huge sale on Fall and Halloween stuff. I bought probably too much, but in the end I came home and made a really cute decoration for the house!

Happy Fall to everyone!!
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