Sunday, February 2, 2014

February Currently

Linking up with Farley with this month's Currently. It's going to be a short and sweet one. Just got home from watching the Seahawks win the Super Bowl and I'm tired. :)

Listening- Anger Management is what is on currently.

Loving- T-ball, we got a call and found out we are on the Tigers with one of our friends. Not too excited about the 5:30-6:30 Friday night practice...really???

Thinking-So excited for Supercross San Diego. I went as a kid with my family and now continuing the tradition with my kids. It will be their first time.

Wanting- A little rain. We really need it. 

Needing- To pull the weeds or to get someone to do it for me. I hate doing it, but it's got to get done sooner or later. Have to prep the Garden for Spring!

2 Truths and a fib-
1. Truth- I really was born with a hip out of socket. The doctor had to put it back it and I had to wear a brace for a few months as an infant.

2. Truth- I did run for Miss San Marcos. My cousin Jodi ran when she was in HS and I looked up to her and wanted to do the same. It was fun!

3. Fib- I do not have 6 kids!! Only 2! Wouldn't want it any other way. Love my two munchkins like crazy!
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  1. Hi! I found your blog on Farley's Currently! T-Ball on a Friday night?! That sounds tiring! Are the games on Saturdays? I also want rain or in my case snow (I live in the mountains in Southern California) we are dry, too! We had a little snow earlier..hoping for more! Hope you get some rain!!! I hope we don't have to hope for rain/snow for the March Currently! Maybe February will be a wet month!!! Here's to hoping! :)

    Beth :)
    A Kindergarten Life For Me

  2. I know you need rain. Badly. Too bad there isn't a way to send you some of our snow - I'd share! We're up to five days missed because of snow and they're predicting two more storms this week....that's a little too much, even for a snow lover like me.
    What's Supercross?

  3. Weeding is my absolute LEAST favorite chore! I put it off until they are dangerously close to heading over the neighbor's fence... :) My very best friend actually has 6 kids. It's wild! But to each their own, right??? Have a great week!

    The Sharpened Pencil