Sunday, April 20, 2014

California Missions

So part of our history here in California is the settlements of the Missions. We are learning about the explorers that traveled
West and came to New Spain for the first time. Upon arriving they met the Native Americans that were living here. 

My students are really having a great time learning about the history that happened
right here where we live. We have two missions close to us here in CA, Mission San Diego and Missions San Luis Rey in Oceanside. We have an art program at our school where parents teach a lesson to the class. This was was perfect for what we were learning about. Below is a picture of the real mission and below that are my students drawing. It was a directed draw and then they used oil pastels to add color!! 



Sunday, April 13, 2014

April Currently (LATE) and a update of what I've been up to!

OMG! I cannot believe that it is April 13th and I am just getting the April Currently posted. April has been a crazy month. 

We started April with our Spring Break, which was nice, but no where near Easter! Took my kids to the Safari Park and to Lego Land here in Southern California. The weather was perfect, not to hot and not too cold. 

The day we went back to school my class had three days of testing. Our district is piloting the Smarter Balance test. We took the test on Chrome Books. There were are few glitches with the computers, and after 45 minutes we finally were successful with starting the test. They were awesome! I was so proud of my students. I also have the Chrome Books as a one on one technology in my class, they are so much fun to have. 

Continuing the week we had a 80's family dance that I took my son to and then celebrated my daughter's 3rd birthday on Saturday with family and friends. 

Coming up: Baby shower next weekend and the following weekend my Dad and I are giving my mom a party for her 60th birthday! Oh and on top of that all we have baseball every Thursday and Saturday! My life is so crazy right now, but I wouldn't have it any other way!!!!

Safari Park

Lego Land

Lego Land

80"s Family Dance for School

Aleena's 3rd Birthday

And finally here is the Currently, linking up with ohboy3rdgrade

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