Friday, May 16, 2014

Wild Fires in San Marcos, California

Well, not how I expected to spend the last two with no school. We recently experienced a very horrific fire in my hometown. My family was safe and did not need to evacuate. Although a very large portion of our city needed to evacuate and unfortunately many people lost their homes in the last few days. 

It started on Tuesday when there was a fire in Rancho Bernardo, which is about 20 minutes away from San Marcos. Mind you we have had Santa Ana weather which is HOT temps, dry conditions, and WIND from the east. (desert) This weather is very typical for San Diego County. We normally don't see these conditions until Fall. Mother nature had a different plan for North County. (Large community north of San Diego with numerous cities) On Wednesday there was a fire in Carlsbad, Ca and it raced through canyons destroying homes. During this time 2-3 other fires popped up, one on Camp Pendleton's Military Base, Fallbrook, Escondido and San Marcos. The San Diego County office of Education closed most of the schools in North County for Thursday. At one point I believe we had 9 fires going in the county!!! Hmmm seems a little suspicious, don't you think?

Luckily we were on the right side of the city and did not need to be evacuated. We watched all the flames reach up to the hills in San Marcos and even threatened Cal State University San Marcos, where I went to school. Luckily the college was saved, but graduation ceremonies have been cancelled until next weekend. 

My dad is a retired Fire Chief for the city of San Marcos. I was born and raised in the fire community. I have a brother and cousin who now serve as chiefs in San Marcos, and they were very busy. Lots of good thoughts were being sent out to ALL the firemen who came to help out our city. They came from LA and Orange County and Riverside County. 

There was once again no school, today May 16th, but it is looking much better for my hometown. It is pretty smoky, but no huge threats this morning. 

I am going to post pictures that I was able to take from my home and from around the city. One picture I have is not mine, I found it on Facebook from a resident in San Marcos. It is a picture of a DC10 air tanker that came in and saved a lot of homes on Wednesday. I was able to witness it dropping the red fire retardant, but it is not the picture below. It was however an amazing sight to see. It's not every day you see a airplane passenger jet so low in the city. 

DC10 air drop in San Marcos

These 2 photos are some of the first few shots I got from my house.

Right down the street from my house (1 mile) 
Cal State San Marcos

Relief from above!

Night View from my neighbor's backyard. (Wednesday)

View from my roof Thursday afternoon.

From the park down the street from my house.

I am so glad things are winding down. Thank you to all the firemen and military who supported our city! San Marcos rocks!!!

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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

May Currently

Here we go for May's Currently! Linking up with Farley.

Wow so busy lately. 
Listening- The Voice. Trying to get caught up. I'm a day behind. 

Loving- We bought our house two years ago. It  was the house I grew up in, bought it from my parents. We are slowly making changes and I am LOVING the results. My hubby is so handy! 

Thinking- YES, there are only 25 more days of school left. 

Wanting- A house keeper, someone to do all the work for me!!

Needing- A pedicure! I am over due!

Surprise- I love these ladies' blogs!!

Fourth Grade Frolics
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