Thursday, August 28, 2014

School is back!

Just finished up back to school night. It was great meeting all the parents. I have a great class and we are going to have an awesome year. Here are some pictures of my room. 

Happy Back to school!!!

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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

New Reward System

So after teaching kindergarten for 6 years, I've found it quite difficult to reward my 4th graders. Not all 4th graders like your "typical" treasure box items. I've seen this reward system before and am excited to implement it into my class this year.

A teacher friend of mine uses it and she sent me the background template and I simply filled in the type of rewards I thought 4th graders would enjoy. 

I recently ordered 250 free business cards from (only had to pay for shipping) I plan on using this as a punch reward system. Students will earn punches in class for completing homework, being helpful, team player and other positive behaviors. Once they have earned enough punches they can then trade in their punch card for an award. 

Saturday, August 2, 2014

August Currently and Summer happenings

Happy August and Back to School!! I am linking up with Ohboy3rdgrade with this month's currently. We have been a super busy family this summer and I wouldn't have any other way. It's been nice to not think about work or my classroom and just enjoy summer with my kids. Here is my currently and after I'll share what we've been up to this summer. 
Summer 2014:

In July we had my sister's wedding. I posted about that last month. Pictures of my cute little ring bear and flower girl are in July's currently post. 

We went camping in Julian, at KQ Ranch. My older brother and his family came too. We had a great time. There was a lot of fishing, playing games and swimming that weekend. 
Hanging out in camp.

Panning for gold, like mommy teaches her 4th graders.

Home away from home!
We've gone to the beach numerous times and swam at my parents pool too. We spent one day down in San Diego. I showed my kids where mommy stays the night on the Star of India ship with her students when we go on the overnight field trip. There is a new park down there with a water play area and the kids had a blast there. 
Star of India

San Diego Waterfront Park
Just the other day I went with a friend and our kids to Vista Air. It's a trampoline park and that was way cool. It was fun for ALL ages. I hope the video works!
Trampoline Park- Get Air
Next week we are headed to Disneyland as our final summer activity. So exciting!!!

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